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CPC Retirement Savings Plan

This CPC plan offers great value to you and your employees.

CPC Retirement Savings Plan now available

Thanks to the Secure Act of 2019, CPC can now help clients with Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) 401(K) plans. We call our new service the CPC Retirement Savings Plan.

Pooled Employer Plans (PEP) became effective in January 2021. CPC has been working with a Pooled Plan Provider (P3) to ensure our plan is a fully registered PEP and ready for new enrollees.

Why work with us?

 This CPC plan offers great value to you and your employees.

It is more cost effective, with lower employer fees to get into the plan and it does not require a 5500 filing. Even better, under our plan, employers do not have to assume fiduciary responsibility.

No More Hassle

Just think about it – with our plan you will no longer act as plan sponsor, administrator or trustee and can get out of the retirement plan business altogether. Our PEP also performs a required “Global” Audit and Form 5500 filing each year, which means you will no longer be required to manage these requirements on your own.  

Empower Retirement is providing recordkeeping services to the CPC Retirement Savings Plan, joined by a team of trusted retirement plan experts who will service the PEP.  By utilizing CPC’s Payroll Services, you can take advantage of our payroll integration and remittance functions between iSolved and Empower.  

If you would like to learn more about our CPC Retirement Savings Plan (PEP) Contact Us Today!